Court Services


*** All prices are for the state of California. Call office for out of state pricing. Rates are subject to change depending on special request/circumstances ***

(Prices Includes County Recordings and Sheriff’s Office Deliveries)

E-Filing Concierge Service: $25.00

Routine Filing: (volume discounts available) $60.00

Rush Filing: (received by 1:00pm) $90.00

Expedited Filing: (drop what you’re doing and go!) $125.00

Deliver Courtesy Copies: $30.00

Email/Fax/E-Docs: $.25 pp

Court Research/Document Retrieval: $55.00 (plus court cost of copies)

Return Trip: $30.00 & Up

Wait/Research Time: $55.00/hr

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments: $125.00 (starting at)

(Rate does not include sheriff’s: $30.00 fee. Volume discounts available)